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Outstanding sites and spectacular views make Braden Auditorium the perfect location for your large scale events.

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Braden Auditorium

Braden Auditorium is well-known across central Illinois for its large 3, 483 seating space with outstanding views and innovative stage design. Braden hosts Broadway shows, touing companies, concerts, ballets, conferences and much more!

Contact us today at (309) 438-2222 to learn more about Braden Auditorium and current availability.

View the Braden Auditorium Floor Plan and Audience View of the Stage


Braden Auditorium Specifications:

Total Capacity:

- 3,457 including accessible seating.

- Seating available on the Orchestra, Mezzanine, and Balcony levels.
- Distance from rear balcony is 174 ft.


- Total width, wall-to-wall, including"Stage" and both left and right "Wings" = 148 feet.

- Width of "Stage" = 72 feet; width of each "Wing" = 38 feet.

- "Wings" may be cleared, and usable as storage areas.

- Depth from plaster line to back wall = 48 feet.

- Depth from Act Curtain line to Apron lip = 3 feet.

- Width of proscenium opening = 60 feet.

- Height of proscenium opening = 28 feet.

- Width of Apron (Orchestra Pit) = 54 feet.

- Depth of Apron at center = 15 feet. Depth at outside edges = 8 feet.

Stage Floor Construction:

- Stage" portion of floor is black linoleum over 1.5 inch plywood.

- "Wing" portions are gray linoleum over concrete.

- There are no traps or elevators, except the Apron (Orchestra Pit) which is a hydraulic lift.

- Stage and Wing floors are flush, with no significant cracks, sagging areas, or uneven heights.

-  Bolts, nails, staples, stage screws, etc. may not be used without advanced permission from technical director.

Stage Apron:

- Lift is controllable from Stage Manager's console, stage right, or with portable control box plugged into floor of Apron. Connection for box is at center of Apron.

- Maximum depth of lift = 12 feet; lift is usable at any depth from 0 to 12 feet.

- Apron will accommodate up to fifty musicians.

- Access to lift via three methods:

* from backstage

* from Lounges on either side of House (See Auditorium Floor Plan)

* from Rehearsal Room under Stage, but only when lift is at maximum (12 feet) depth.



For more information about technical details, contact the Bone Student Center at (309) 438-2222.

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